Whether you are in the process of applying for the Omidyar Fellows program or another opportunity, here are some helpful tips:


  • Your application should reflect your best work
  • Be authentic - the real you is superior to a projected you
  • Learn from the process - the application process should be reflective
  • Have someone proofread your resume
  • Select a font that is legible across platforms

Letters of Support

  • For your letter of support from a colleague outside of your organization, carefully select someone who knows you well and can clearly speak about recent examples of your work/achievements 
  • Your letter from a colleague should share new insight about you that goes beyond your resume
  • The letter of support from your chief executive should describe your leadership in the organization and discuss how your growth is expected to continue beyond the Omidyar Fellows program
  • With both letters, the writer should describe a significant accomplishment that you have achieved or contributed to in the context of your professional career
  • Both letters should be on letterhead, if applicable, and include a signature


  • Clearly and succinctly describe your responsibility for each job 
  • Highlight your achievements

Cover Letter

  • Please do not recap your work experiences, as that ought to be self evident in your resume.  


  • Include a header with your name on all pages