A cohort of up to 15 individuals with diverse professional experiences and backgrounds will be selected from across the state.

Participants should be ready to engage fully in an executive-level curriculum and be able to contribute to the learning process with their own perspectives.

Candidates with at least ten years of professional experience leading and engaging others in the for-profit, nonprofit, labor union, or government sectors must be able to demonstrate how their achievements hold the promise of extraordinary leadership for Hawaii in the decades ahead. Individually, an Omidyar Fellow is someone who has:

  • Demonstrated, as a leader, the courage, commitment, passion, and capability to get things done
  • Solved complex problems within an organization or community
  • Developed a working style that incorporates problem solving, original thinking, collaboration, and innovation
  • Earned leadership responsibilities beyond his/her years of employment based on track record of accelerated achievement
  • Demonstrated engagement in the community beyond professional responsibilities
  • Arrived at an understanding of Hawaii’s cultural, social, and political contexts
  • Garnered the full support of his/her current employer as detailed in the application process

We’re looking for a wide range of individuals who are willing to commit significant time and effort to improve their futures and the future of Hawaii.