Ongoing Involvement

Once a Fellow, always a Fellow… The formal program is just the beginning of a lifelong commitment by Omidyar Fellows to make a positive difference with the knowledge and network gained and to help subsequent generations of emerging leaders.

Once you complete the first 15 months as an Omidyar Fellow, what is referred to as the curriculum phase, you will join the Forum of Fellows. As part of the Forum of Fellows, you will continue meeting with your cohort quarterly, participating in cross-cohort events and workshops, and collaborating with Fellows on a variety of efforts that will grow in reach and in cumulative impact for the benefit of Hawaii.

The Forum of Fellows exists to catalyze positive, lasting societal change in Hawaii.

The long-range vision for the Forum of Fellows is that of a vibrant community of servant leaders who are courageous, take risks to solve vexing societal problems, model accountable leadership with aloha, and support one another to improve quality of life in Hawaii.

The Forum of Fellows consists of all current and former Omidyar Fellows. The Forum is an opportunity to connect with like-minded change agents, foster cross-sector collaborations, and amplify the effects of Fellows’ work by engaging the skills and passions of their peers.

The Hawaii Leadership Forum staff provide encouragement and back-­end support for Fellows who are engaged in innovative work that shows the promise of improving societal quality of life in Hawaii. This may take the form of coaching, facilitation, project management support, seed funding, sector-expert advice, and peer networks.

Fellows are expected to be leaders who will take risks, challenge systems that are not working well, and engage bold visions for change. The staff’s role is to support those courageous actions in the best ways that they can.

Fellows are already acting as change agents within their own institutions and organizations. As the Forum of Fellows creates space for leaders to take risks, learn and grow, we believe that courageous leadership will multiply, evolving into a new way of leading in Hawaii.

We live in a highly complex, interdependent world. The scope of the challenges we face now and in the future cannot be handled by individuals, organizations, or by government alone. Hawaii needs cross-­sector collaborations that engage with some of the complex systemic challenges that threaten our quality of life.

Omidyar Fellows believes that by investing in leaders who have a proven record of service to Hawaii and by offering these leaders a way to connect, collaborate, and find resonance amongst a larger network of like-minded leaders, they will foster and amplify innovative change at scale in Hawaii. The Forum exists in service to the Fellows, in support of their courageous actions as leaders.