What is the Forum of Fellows?
The Forum of Fellows consists of all current and former Omidyar Fellows. "Once a Fellow, always a Fellow." The Forum is a way to continue connecting with other leaders who share a similar mindset and goals for lasting, significant change in Hawaii. We offer a variety of programs, speaker series, and workshops. Most importantly, we provide support for courageous leaders and foster collaboration among Fellows who are engaged in large-scale projects aimed at improving quality of life in Hawaii.

How long can I be a member of the Forum of Fellows?
You become a member of the Forum of Fellows when you are accepted into the Omidyar Fellows program. The expectation is that you will remain a member of the Forum of Fellows as long as you are leading in Hawaii. We encourage as much participation with the Forum as a supportive and challenging community of practice.

What is the opportunity?
Connect with like-minded change agents, foster cross-sector collaborations, amplify the effects of your work by engaging the skills and passions of other Fellows, and utilize the variety of supports (coaching, facilitation, seed funding, communications, and peer networks) that the Forum of Fellows has to support Hawaii’s leaders.

What is expected of me?
As a Fellow, you are expected to take risks, challenge systems that are not working, and engage bold visions for change. Our role is to support your courageous actions in the best ways that we can.

In terms of time commitment, we expect each cohort to meet on a quarterly basis once you complete your 15-month curriculum portion. These gatherings should fulfill whatever needs the cohort has from peer support around tough leadership challenges to interpersonal connection, additional training as a group, building collaborations, and asking cohort members for assistance on a project.

We will offer at least one workshop a quarter and other events that we encourage you to attend when possible and when it fits a need you have. We also ask you to remain in regular contact with us so that we may follow your progress and keep you informed of opportunities and events.

What is your vision and hope for impact?
We live in a highly complex, interdependent world. The scope of the challenges we face now and in the future cannot be handled by individual organizations or by government alone. Hawaii needs cross-sector collaborations that engage with some of the complex systemic challenges that threaten our quality of life. Our hope is that by investing in leaders who have a proven record of service to Hawaii and by offering these leaders a way to connect, collaborate, and find support amongst a larger network of like-minded leaders, we will support and encourage innovative, positive change in Hawaii. Our role is in service to others, in support of their courageous actions as leaders.