New dynamics are altering what successful leaders will need in the future: Global affects local, technology makes information ubiquitous and instantaneous, and social networks replace hierarchies. In order for Hawaii to prosper, we need to build new leadership skills and new cadres of leaders.

The Hawaii Leadership Forum is dedicated to advancing leadership in and for Hawaii. It serves as a catalyst and convener for initiatives that improve leadership throughout the state and view leadership development as an essential ingredient for the future.

Toward that end, the cornerstone program of the Hawaii Leadership Forum—Omidyar Fellows—is designed to enhance the capabilities of emerging leaders who can mobilize other individuals and organizations to create positive and lasting change.  

For more information, please visit the Hawaii Leadership Forum website.  


Richard W. Gushman, II 
Cathy Luke
Michael Mohr
Pierre Omidyar
Jennifer Goto Sabas
Kelvin H. Taketa