The Omidyar Fellows program has been thoughtfully designed to build critical skills, create a strong peer network, and allow for self-reflection and personal growth. These key program elements are what define and differentiate this leadership opportunity:

Cohort-Based Learning
The context for transformative learning is community. The ability of a group of mid-career leaders to form a learning community is vital to the experience of leadership development.

Executive Coaching
Individual coaching is found to have significant impact for leadership development. Typically occurring during 60 minute one-on-one meetings or phone calls every month, sessions are confidential, goal-oriented, and customized to each Fellow’s leadership demands. 

The curriculum designed for the Omidyar Fellows incorporates a range of disciplines for a range of learning styles in a manner that is experiential and outcomes-driven. The unique cross-cultural competencies required of those leading in Hawaii are integrated throughout. 

Individual Learning Excursion
An individually tailored out-of-state experience helps Omidyar Fellows to meet the demands of being a change agent in Hawaii. There are also opportunities for shared learning, as Fellows debrief the experience with the group.

Conversations with Leaders
Informal conversations outside the monthly sessions with military, civic, business, community, and government leaders give Omidyar Fellows an opportunity to reflect on the challenges of leadership in Hawaii.