The Omidyar Fellows program is a commitment that spans much more than the initial 15 months and much deeper than a simple leadership development program. At the end of the first 15 months and after commencement, there is an expected continuing engagement with one another as members of the cohort move into the Forum of Fellows.

The curriculum includes a full-day session once a month (with the exception of a two-month window during which individual learning excursions will take place). One-on-one coaching will occur between sessions, as scheduled by Fellows and their Coaches. Participants will be expected to complete reading, writing, and other study/exercises, as well. The total time commitment will be approximately 15 hours per month:  

Orientation Activities

The learning process begins even before the first class meets, enabling Fellows to embark on the experience with a high degree of individual attention. 

Program activities prior to the first session include:

Ongoing Involvement

Once a Fellow, always a Fellow… The formal program is just the beginning of a lifelong commitment by Omidyar Fellows to make a positive difference with the knowledge and network gained and to help subsequent generations of emerging leaders.

Once you complete your 15-month journey as an Omidyar Fellow, you will join the Forum of Fellows network. As part of the Forum of Fellows, you will continue meeting with your cohort quarterly, participating in cross-cohort events and workshops, and collaborating with Fellows on a variety of efforts that will grow in reach and in cumulative impact for the benefit of Hawaii.

The vision for the Forum of Fellows: networks of leaders working across sectors will push forward positive social change for the state of Hawaii through collaborative, visionary efforts.