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Leadership requires an authentic voice: one that comes not from the throat, but from the na‘au, or the gut. Leaders can create deeply rooted, disempowering narratives that stand in the way of using their full voice and presence. The ability to combine the spoken word, public presence, and storytelling to influence, impact, and inspire others is a critical skill set.

Fellows with ILEs on this theme take part in a customized, week-long coaching program that examines the roots of their disempowering narratives which prevent them from using their full voice and leadership presence. Using storytelling and experiential exercises, their Coach helps them identify and embody empowering narratives while working with other storytellers to present and perform their story.

Learning Goals:

  • Find an authentic voice through stories that shape their identity
  • Create a powerful vision of themselves and the impact they have on the world
  • Bring embodied presence to leadership
  • Create an empowering narrative


  • A Fellow who wants to develop their voice and physical presence will work with a leadership and performance coach to cultivate a stronger crafted voice, becoming more aware of themself and their ability to create impact as a leader.
  • A Fellow who leads with their head more than their heart or na‘au will strengthen their breath, activate their na‘au, and speak more authentically from the heart to bring balance to a headstrong leadership approach. This Fellow will train in voice techniques and breath control to develop their presence and effectiveness in communication, increase their impact, and step into the next level of leadership.

My ILE Coach Christine McHugh is an incredible guide to a more powerful sense of self; working on an ultimate personal mission is powerful. We envisioned my future self, which broadened my understanding of where I’m going. I learned that finding your courageous authenticity is a crucial element in the development of a true leader. – Quinn Vittum, Cohort VI