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COVID-19 Responses
Ensuring a Green Economic Recovery

As the dialogue shifts from pandemic response and containment to economic recovery in Hawai‘i, this initiative is working to ensure that the conservation sector is positioned as a key way to diversify our economy and put people back to work. They are working with thought leaders to develop a unified plan from the conservation sector, aggregating a high-level overview of job creation potential (in "shovel-ready" green initiatives), funding needs, and projected return on investment. The intention is that this will put the conservation sector into the conversation and decision-making around federal stimulus. They are also coordinating with the agriculture/local food sector and the clean energy sector to identify synergies, reduce redundancy, and ensure the sustainability sector is broadly coordinated and ready to accelerate our economic and cultural recovery from the pandemic. For more information, contact

Involved Fellows

Next Project
Every1ne Hawaiʻi

Every1ne Hawaiʻi (E1), a grassroots collaborative formed by nine friends, pivoted from its initial focus on civic engagement to join Hawaiʻi's rapid response efforts for COVID-19 by procuring 2 million nonmedical for statewide distribution to the public at no cost. E1 has also supported the Dept. of Health in leveraging mobile app technology to support contact tracing efforts, and is in the sensing phase to discover where our rapid prototyping skills may be useful to bringing internet to families without access needed for telehealth and distance learning. Every1ne Hawaiʻi is deeply grateful for all the hearts and hands that have made this possible. They are the collective reminder that aloha is essential. Follow them on Facebook or @every1ne_hawaii on Instagram.

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