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Leadership Learning

The 9-month curriculum is designed to build stronger leaders, more effective organizations, and cross-sector connections that are necessary to collectively create broad and durable improvements in Hawai‘i.


The Omidyar Fellows curriculum has been thoughtfully designed to build critical skills, create a strong peer network, and allow for self-reflection and personal growth.

Leadership programs require a combination of:

Actionable Skills – Participants learn to apply advanced techniques—whether facilitating a meeting or managing conflict—while integrating concrete skills and emotional intelligence.

Networking with Peers – Sessions include time for participants to connect as peers through structured activities and exercises and through open discussion.

Self-Reflection – Participants are given an opportunity to see themselves as others see them to build their strengths and minimize any weaknesses in their self-presentation, communication style, or other behaviors.


The curriculum includes monthly sessions, apart from three 2.5-day Retreats, and a two-month window during which Individual Impact Experiences take place. One-on-one executive coaching occurs between sessions, as scheduled by Fellows and their Coaches. Participants are also expected to complete reading, writing, and other exercises. The total time commitment is approximately 15 hours per month:

  • Pre-reading, writing, and activities, etc. (4-6 hrs.)
  • Full-day learning session (8 hrs.)
  • Evening session: Conversation with a Leader (2 hrs.)
  • Executive coaching session (1 hr.)

After the initial nine months, Commencement marks a milestone in which the curriculum portion of the Omidyar Fellows journey concludes, and the Cohort becomes fully engaged in the Forum of Fellows.