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Leadership Learning

Omidyar Fellows is a societal change program. We seek to cultivate the conditions in which Hawaiʻi thrives.

To this end, Fellows participate in a 15-month curriculum and are part of a vibrant Network – the Forum of Fellows. 

Omidyar Fellows is an enduring and ongoing commitment to an active network of leaders and change makers, all of whom are dedicated to making positive movement on Hawaiʻi’s most pressing issues. Fellows also commit to the ongoing development of their leadership and its impact in Hawaiʻi.


The Omidyar Fellows program is a commitment that spans much more than the initial 15 months and much deeper than a leadership development program. 

The curriculum includes a full-day session once a month, with the exception of three two-day Retreats and a two-month window during which individual learning excursions take place. One-on-one executive coaching occurs between sessions, as scheduled by Fellows and their Coaches. Participants are also expected to complete reading, writing, and other exercises. The total time commitment is approximately 15 hours per month:

  • Pre-reading, writing, and activities, etc. (4-6 hrs.)
  • Full-day session (8 hrs.)
  • Evening session: Conversation with a Leader (2 hrs.)
  • Executive Coaching session (1 hr.)

Forum of Fellows

After the initial 15 months, Commencement marks a milestone in which the curriculum portion of the Omidyar Fellows journey concludes, and the cohort becomes fully engaged in the Forum of Fellows.

The Forum of Fellows mission is to strengthen the well-being of Hawaiʻi — its people, communities, and natural ecosystems — through the practice of unified servant leadership and the recognition of our individual and collective kuleana to generations past, present, and future.