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Be the Change

Fellows transform Hawaiʻi's future through leading and/or initiating projects that galvanize collaboration and address Hawaiʻi's most pressing issues.

The Omidyar Fellows program supports impact projects focusing on transformation of a system and innovation in a system. We applaud and commend the Fellows, partnering organizations, community groups, and other collaborators on these efforts.

We support these types of impact to ensure lasting, sustainable improvement to the quality of life in Hawaiʻi, while recognizing that many existing efforts provide successful solutions at scale and targeted solutions.

Transformation of a System is affecting the underlying drivers of the system (e.g., multiple complex dynamics, social norms, and mental models, etc.) improving the health of a system and the outcomes it produces. Example: The Early Childhood Action Strategy Network brings together diverse stakeholders to improve the system of care for Hawai‘i’s youngest keiki.

Innovation in a System is affecting one or more complex dynamics within the ecosystem so that the needs of a large population will be addressed, improving the lives of many people. However, systems innovation does not try to change the overall system. Example: Green Passport is identifying and exploring conservation finance solutions that bring revenue to support conservation in Hawai‘i and effectively manage cultural and natural resources critical to our communities’ wellbeing and the visitor experience.

Solution at Scale is a product or service that meets important needs of a larger population, but does not address underlying and root causes. With Solutions at Scale, there is both time to act and the opportunity for a single innovation to efficiently have a large-scale impact (e.g., affect many people and large areas). Example: A mechanism to remove litter from the open ocean in mass at multiple locations.

Targeted Solution is a product or service that meets acute needs and requires urgent action, often to prevent further harm in the short term. Example: A food pantry to feed the hungry.