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Leadership Learning

The Omidyar Fellows program has been thoughtfully designed to build critical skills, create a strong peer network, and allow for self-reflection and personal growth. These key program elements are what define and differentiate this leadership opportunity:

The Curriculum and Cohort-Based Learning

The context for transformative learning is community. Forming a shared identity is the basis for moving together as a group of emerging leaders. The curriculum is a starting point to develop, appreciate, reinforce, and make actionable the competencies of the program, making the  construct of a learning community vital to the experience of leadership development.

The Omidyar Fellows curriculum has been developed using a full range of learning modalities (e.g., didactic, narrative, artistic, use of literature, ritual, process, and personal experience) as a way of empowering both the individuals and the larger community of Fellows to intervene effectively as adaptive leaders.


Executive coaching typically occurs during 60-minute one-on-one calls every month. Sessions are confidential and focus on the Fellow’s self-perception, impact, and effectiveness. Meetings are structured to fit the learning style of the Fellow and provide support as individuals apply their skills and new learning in context. 

Individual Learning Excursion

The purpose of the learning excursion is to engage Fellows in a transformative experience that challenges their sense of self, represents some level of risk-taking, and provides opportunities for reflection and growth. Excursions are individually developed in partnership with one’s coach to meet unique learning goals that focus on becoming a more effective agent of change in Hawaiʻi. The chance to debrief the Fellows’ experiences with their cohort provides rich opportunities for shared learning.

Conversations with Leaders

Eight briefings will be hosted on the evening prior to the learning community sessions. The Fellows will gather for an informal conversation with a highly accomplished professional in Hawaiʻi to learn about different sectors, mindsets, and individual pathways of leadership. In these engaging sessions, leaders from the military, civic, business, community, and  governmental sectors will share their personal stories, lessons, and strategies for change.

Forum of Fellows

The Forum of Fellows consists of all Omidyar Fellows who have completed the 15-month curriculum. Because a Fellow is always a Fellow, we avoid the term “alumni,” which evokes a sense of completion.

The long-range vision for the Forum of Fellows is that of a vibrant community of transformational leaders who lead courageously, take risks to solve vexing problems, model accountable leadership with aloha, and support each other’s development as leaders.

Becoming an Omidyar Fellow is a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded change agents and amplify the effects of each person’s work to catalyze a better Hawaiʻi through better leadership.