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Actions of Aloha

DTL created Actions of Aloha to encourage connection, compassion, and aloha for ourselves, our ʻohana, our lāhui, and our ʻāina. This initiative serves as a reminder that every day we have the power to manifest aloha through our actions. All profits from a series of fun, motivational card decks will be donated to local non-profit organizations that embody aloha. With a goal to raise $20,000.00 for our community, we encourage you to follow @actionsofaloha on Instagram and share Aloha. 

Involved Fellows

Next Project

Their north star is to develop the whole entrepreneur for a sustainable Hawai’i. They believe that there is much more to being an entrepreneur than just developing hard skills, because developing relationships and a community are equally important for growth and success. They look forward to developing and partnering with others to build out the program to support those that need it most.

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