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Using practices from the principles of Aloha, positive psychology, and socio-emotional learning, theAloha Journal focuses on positive emotions such as optimism and resiliency. The journal is a tool aimed at helping individuals experience more gratitude, connection, and happiness in their lives.

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Chef Hui

Created by Mark and Amanda Noguchi to address the current collapse of our restaurant industry and the growing need to provide nutritious meals to our community, Chef Hui is a statewide program aimed to help local farmers farming and chefs cooking and mitigate food insecurity by delivering nutritious ingredients and meals to communities in need. Together with Aloha Harvest, Chef Hui acts as a food hub and shares resources with organizations that are already cooking within their communities and helps connect those in need to available resources. Donated ingredients and supplies are also provided to help numerous other efforts, such as Mālama Meals.

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