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Impact Projects
RiseHI: ‘Oihana Career Exploration Courses

The ‘Oihana Career Exploration Courses project, led by the RiseHI Foundation, aims to empower Hawai‘i’s youth through interactive online courses featuring local professionals. It integrates real-world insights from various fields into the local educational curriculum, enhancing students’ understanding of career pathways and fostering informed career decisions. The initiative seeks to inspire confidence and community engagement, ultimately aiming for a self-sustaining model through collaborations with schools and local organizations.

RiseHI, founded in 2016 by Gabe Amey, is a nonprofit organization in Hawaiʻi, committed to transforming the educational and aspirational landscape for the state's youth. The organization's mission is to share the inspiring stories of local creators, entrepreneurs, and change-makers, thereby empowering Hawaiʻi's keiki to broaden their horizons and see the vast potential within their reach. RiseHI's work extends across various schools in Hawaiʻi, integrating these powerful narratives into curricula to inspire and enable young minds to envision a thriving future in their homeland.

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Round Two. Stronger You.

This campaign is reaching out to the 250,000 Hawai‘i residents who previously attended a University of Hawai‘i campus but did not earn a credential and encourages them to return and complete their degree.

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