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WAI: Wastewater Alternatives & Innovations

WAI stands for Wastewater Alternatives & Innovations, and our non-profit is dedicated to protecting water quality by reducing sewage pollution and introducing innovative sanitation solutions. Hawai‘i has more than 83,000 cesspools across the state, and these substandard systems discharge more than 52 million gallons of untreated sewage into the ground and our groundwater every day! WAI helps homeowners and communities manage the difficult process of upgrading cesspools and failing septic systems to new innovative technologies and solutions that are more affordable, efficient, and better for the environment.

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Waiwai Collective

Waiwai Collective is a group of Native Hawaiian entrepreneurs who share kuleana and a passion for uplifting the lāhui. Through their work, they have seen the extraordinary power of physical community when people come together with purpose and aloha.

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