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2020 CEO of the Year Micah Kāne
November 18, 2020

Fellows mentioned in this story:
Micah Kāne, Cohort V
Darcie Yukimura, Cohort VII

The Hawai‘i Community Foundation has been an important charitable force in the Islands for 104 years, but never more than in this year of the pandemic. Kāne ensures the foundation focuses on both the long-term quality of life statewide and the immediate needs of people who might otherwise be forgotten. 

From Hawai‘i Business Magazine:

The plain white envelope had a Kaua‘i postmark but nothing else to distinguish it from other mail. Inside was a $20 bill, a sweet drawing and a touching note in a child’s careful printing.

“Dear HCF:

“Thank you for all you do in the community to fight COVID-19 and get resources to those who need it. We would like this donation to go to the Kauai Strong Fund.

“Thank you so much.”

That anonymous donation with its simple words melted the hearts of Hawai‘i Community Foundation staff who’ve been opening thousands of donation letters that have poured in to help mitigate the brutal consequences of the pandemic.

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