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A Green Formula for Rejuvenation
June 4, 2021

Fellows mentioned in this story:
John Leong, Cohort III
Kawika Riley, Cohort III

Projects mentioned in this story: Kupu ‘Āina Corps

From Hawai‘i Business Magazine:

The ideal outcome is often a win-win – with both sides coming out ahead. The Kupu ‘Āina Corps helped so many people, places and organizations during the pandemic that it’s hard to total up all the wins.

John Leong, CEO and co-founder of the nonprofit, says Kupu’s newly created ‘Āina Corps used federal stimulus funds to support about 150 different partner agencies and companies across the state so they could continue their conservation work – including organizations on every island. To get the work done, the organization paid hundreds of unemployed or underemployed people while training them for conservancy jobs.

“We want to have a stronger green industry,” Leong says. “This included nonprofits and agriculture as well as green jobs.”

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