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Fellows Spotlight
Blue Planet's Vision for a Clean Energy Future
April 27, 2021

Blue Planet led the campaign to make Hawai‘i the first state in the nation with a 100% renewable energy law. Jeff Mikulina, Cohort VI Fellow and Blue Planet's executive director talks about how they are changing the conversation around energy.

Hawai‘i's keiki are a key audience for Blue Planet's storytelling campaigns
Photo courtesy Blue Planet

Contributed by Jeff Mikulina, Cohort VI

Blue Planet is a public charity committed to accelerating our transition to a just and sustainable energy future. As pragmatic idealists, intrepid thinkers, and passionate creatives, Blue Planet doesn’t just talk about solving our climate challenge. We work tirelessly and creatively to bring high impact solutions to life. By using the lever of bold policy change and the power of storytelling, we inspire change and create momentum to make the impossible possible.

Blue Planet believes that by making Hawai‘i a model of clean energy progress, we can inspire and catalyze climate solutions globally.

  • By activating Hawai‘i’s youth and residents through impactful storytelling campaigns and action-oriented initiatives, we can accelerate the adoption of bold policy solutions to climate change.
  • By creating sustainable models in Hawai‘i and sharing what e’ve learned with the world, we can accelerate the global transformation from fossil fuels to renewable solutions.

Over the next five years, Blue Planet is focused on helping Hawai‘i cut its carbon emissions by 50% by 2030 and projecting our reach and experience beyond Hawai‘i to help other jurisdictions accelerate their decarbonization revolution.

You can support Blue Planet’s mission through financial contributions, partnership, and thought leadership on bold climate solutions.

The Blue Planet team with executive director and Cohort VI Fellow Jeff Mikulina (far right)
Photo courtesy Blue Planet

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