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Bread for the Journey
Bread for the Journey: Vol. 5
October 27, 2022

In March 2020, Bill Coy began sending out weekly posts to the Fellows called Bread for the Journey. As Bill described it in his very first post:

The Catholic concept of “Viaticum” or “Bread for the Journey” is based upon the Greek custom of giving supper to those setting out on a journey. It is nourishment as we set foot upon a path, either together or alone. This journey [through the pandemic] is providing us a great opportunity to pay attention to ourselves and the impact that we have on each other. We can comfort and be comforted by what we are learning and what nourishes us.

Bill continues to send out weekly slices of Bread to the Forum of Fellowsofferings of articles, podcasts, videos, quotes, and poetry. Below is volume 5 of Bread, spanning from July - September 2022. We hope you find these offerings insightful, supportive, and nurturing.

Additional volumes of Bread are released quarterly. To view all the volumes to date, click here.