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Hawai‘i Foodbank Providing More Produce to Clients
October 22, 2023

Fellows mentioned in this story: Amy Miller

From KITV4:

As the cost of food continues to rise, many are relegated to cheaper, processed alternatives that often lead to long-term health consequences like cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. This lack of access to nutritious food exacerbates the health disparities that are already evident within our communities.

To help those who are food insecure, the Hawai‘i Foodbank has started an initiative called Farm to Foodbank, a plan to get healthier food to more people.

“Produce is really expensive, right?  We all see that and for folks who are food insecure your food budget already takes up a much larger percentage,” said Amy Miller, President & CEO of the Hawai‘i Foodbank.  “What we've been doing increase the amount of nutritious food.  We want to be the healthy alternative for folks.”

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