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Here’s Why It’s so Hard to Reshape Hawaii’s Tourism Industry
May 2, 2021

Fellows mentioned in this story: Jack Kittinger, Cohort IV
Projects mentioned in this story: Green Passport

From Civil Beat:

As recently as early 2020, before COVID-19 wrecked the state’s economy, Hawai‘i was grappling with a problem much different from today’s economic challenges. The question then was what to do about ever-growing hordes of tourists.

The 250,000 visitors in Hawai‘i each day equaled nearly a fifth of the state’s population. And residents’ attitudes toward them were plummeting, as visitors took over beaches, hiking trails and homes in neighborhoods that had become meccas for vacation rentals.

Then the virus struck. Tourism shut down under orders from Gov. David Ige. And resident sentiment toward the industry only worsened.

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