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High School Seniors Can Grab Fast Pass to University of Hawai‘i
October 29, 2021

Fellows mentioned in this story: Stephen Schatz, Cohort III

From University of Hawai‘i News:

After registering its first enrollment increase in 10 years, the University of Hawai‘i is once again offering a program that makes it easier for public high school seniors to apply for admission to a UH four-year university next fall.

The UH Fast Pass Initiative offers a streamlined admissions process and in some cases conditional acceptance directly from high school for academically prepared students. Offered for the first time in 2020, the program was such a success, officials said, that it is being brought back for an encore performance.

“We were very excited with the results we had last year and for the opportunity to welcome our public high school kids to have a quality education at home,” said Stephen Schatz, executive director of UH’s Hawai‘i P-20 Partnerships for Education.

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