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How L&L Drive-Inn Became the Largest US Restaurant Chain Serving Hawai‘i Cuisine
July 24, 2022

Fellows mentioned in this story: Elisia Flores, Cohort V

From SFGate:

In Hawai‘i, L&L Drive-Inn is ubiquitous. The red-and-white sign beckons customers to its comfort food menu of teriyaki-glazed barbecue plate lunches and other Hawai‘i favorites, such as the loco moco, kalua pork with cabbage and the Spam musubi.

Today, the chain has more than 200 franchise locations in 15 states, with more than 30 in the Bay Area, serving up 20,000 Spam musubi per day, 3 million cups of rice a month and a half million pounds of macaroni salad a year.

Though there are many Hawai‘i-style restaurants in the continental U.S., very few of them can claim they started out in Hawai‘i. How did this restaurant, which began with a small Honolulu eatery, come to take over Hawaii and beyond?   

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