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“Living Paycheck to Paycheck Can Be Scary”: How Nonprofits Help Hawai‘i’s Struggling Middle Class Gain Financial Stability
July 31, 2023

Fellows mentioned in this story: Suzanne Skjold

From Hawai‘i Business Magazine:

In 2018, Aloha United Way introduced a way for us to talk about and measure Hawai‘i’s working poor. ALICE, which stands for asset limited, income constrained and employed, provides a common framework for identifying and quantifying the people in our state who are above the federal poverty line and don’t qualify for many government assistance programs, yet can’t afford basic necessities to remain stable and self-sufficient. In the last five years, we have seen this segment grow from 42% to 44% of the state’s population.

Such alarming statistics continue to drive philanthropic and legislative efforts to help those living paycheck to paycheck. Partnering with the Hawai‘i Community Foundation, AUW funds a cohort of nonprofits dedicated to helping ALICE households achieve economic security. These 17 nonprofit groups focus on a variety of needs, skills and services, including job training, career advancement, financial planning, public benefits programs, affordable housing and civic leadership training. In addition to improving their own situations, cohort members are building pipelines to each other.

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