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Mana Up Launches $6.3M Venture Capital Fund for Hawai‘i Product Startups
September 28, 2021

Fellows mentioned in this story: Meli James, Cohort VII

From Pacific Inno:

Local accelerator Mana Up launched its first venture capital fund, with plans to invest $6.3 million in Hawai‘i-based product startups, the company announced Tuesday.

Mana Up Capital is the largest venture fund in the state to invest exclusively in Hawai‘i-based companies, according to Mana Up co-founders Meli James and Brittany Heyd, who launched the fund.

"We always knew we wanted to raise a fund, but we felt it was important to stand up the accelerator first, and do it quickly so that we could start supporting local consumer brands companies in Hawai‘i," James told Pacific Business News. "Really learn ... and get a front-row seat of what the challenges are for these types of businesses, and really getting to know the entrepreneurs and the scope of the industry, especially for Hawai‘i."

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