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The Other Side: Not Every Part of the US is Awash in VC Dollars
November 18, 2021

Fellows mentioned in this story: Meli James, Cohort VII

From Crunchbase News:

Although it seems like venture dollars abound in the U.S., with headlines of $1 billion raises and new funding totals hitting highs, not every area of the country sees a flood of investment money for its startup ecosystem.

Through the first 10 months of this year, 11 states still had yet to break the $100 million barrier when it comes to the total amount of venture capital startups in those states received, according to Crunchbase data. While California startups have taken in nearly $120 billion in venture this year, Mississippi has barely surpassed the million-dollar mark.

This year, along with Mississippi, the states of West Virginia, South Dakota, Alaska, New Hampshire and Hawai‘i have not seen even $50 million of venture come into the startups that call those states home.

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