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Taking on Tomorrow
Taking on Tomorrow: April 2021
April 29, 2021

In April, as the temperature changes and light lengthens, we celebrate Earth Month. Spring has always been a time of renewal and rebirth; a time to emerge from the darkness with renewed energy.

This year, these seasonal rituals feel like they carry even more significance: we are emerging into a new and different light; moving forward to a place that is both familiar and unfamiliar. As we continue our journeys forward, we also recognize that there is no better time than right now to raise the attention on how we care for our planet, and in turn, our community and ourselves.

In this issue of Taking on Tomorrow, we are pleased to feature organizations led by Fellows that lay the foundation for a cleaner, more sustainable future. Each one has a unique mission that addresses energy efficiency, climate change, and social justice. We invite you to learn more about their work, and, if you are able to, put your own energy and support toward their initiatives to create a more resilient Hawai‘i.

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