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Taking on Tomorrow
Taking on Tomorrow: June 2021
June 24, 2021

Technology is an undeniable part of our lives, and its role has only continued to grow over the past year. Terms like “Zoom fatigue,” “hybrid workplace,” and “digital contact tracing” that most of us weren’t aware of before 2020 are now firmly established in our vocabulary. Technology can be a powerful resource to help us strengthen connections, bolster relationships, and transform systems.

In this issue of Taking on Tomorrow, we highlight Fellows’ technology-related work that aims to create a more resilient Hawai‘i. Learn about the successes of a local, online community created at the start of COVID-19, and a recently approved effort to modernize our state government’s financial system. Try two useful apps: one that supports COVID contact tracing efforts and another that gives anyone with a good idea the tools to design professional-looking visuals. Finally, we ask for your help in our search for an administrative associate to join our Hawai‘i Leadership Forum team.

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