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Taking on Tomorrow
Taking on Tomorrow: May & June 2022
June 2, 2022

Humility is a selfless respect for reality.” — Iris Murdoch

At the Commencement of Cohort VIII, I was struck by the incredible diversity of the Forum of Fellows—by background, history, interests, sectors, geographies, and cultures. But looking on a much deeper level, I saw an incredible alignment within the beloved community. A deep love of this home of ours, a drive for innovation and creation of solutions that have yet to come into being, profound respect for people and place, a desire for connection and for contribution. All of these are shared traits of the Forum of Fellows.

In this issue of Taking on Tomorrow, learn about the diverse and innovative work Fellows are involved in including accelerator programs, broadband benefits, new traffic safety, and a documentary on energy and climate. We also feature skills and tools Fellows gleaned from recent SMALLIFY sessions that they can implement to improve themselves and their organizations.

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