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Taking on Tomorrow
Taking on Tomorrow: September & October 2021
October 7, 2021

In this special issue of Taking on Tomorrow, we highlight a hallmark feature of the Omidyar Fellows program, the Individual Learning Excursion (ILE).

Each ILE journey is tailored to meet each Fellow’s learning goals so their personal transformation may positively impact Hawaiʻi. The ILE is intended to drive Fellows’ development by pulling them out of the comfort and familiarity of their current context. This experience results in a substantial cognitive shift that requires Fellows to think of their leadership differently. Coming back and sharing their lessons learned clarifies their sense of self and enhances their leadership capacity.

Come along with our Fellows from Cohorts VII and VIII as they take us through their recent ILEs. Fellows from previous cohorts also talk about the lasting impacts of their learning excursions. We begin with an uplifting chant written by a Fellow which inspired him on his ILE. We hope this issue leaves you inspired as we keep moving onward on our own individual journeys.

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