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Leadership Learning

The Omidyar Fellows program identifies and promotes five primary categories of competencies.

These are interwoven competencies that result from our ability to first identify those who are in alignment with the vision, who have both motivation and ability to actualize, and who can engage in deeper partnerships with each other to impact societal results.

Be Responsible for Societal Progress

  • Identify gaps between desired state and current state
  • View change as re-interpretation and renewal
  • Honor greater good of the whole
  • Act persistently

Managing the Self

  • Know your strengths, vulnerabilities, and triggers
  • Know the story others tell about you
  • Choose among competing values
  • Get used to uncertainty and conflict
  • Experiment beyond your comfort zone
  • Take care of yourself

Energizing Others

  • Engage unusual voices
  • Work across factions
  • Start where they are
  • Speak to loss
  • Inspire a collective purpose
  • Create a trustworthy process

Diagnosing Situations

  • Explore tough interpretations
  • Understand the process challenges
  • Test multiple interpretations and points-of-view
  • Take the temperature
  • Identify who needs to do the work

Intervening Skillfully

  • Make conscious choices
  • Raise the heat
  • Give the work back
  • Hold to purpose
  • Speak from the heart
  • Act experimentally