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Words Matter LENA

Over 150,000 people in Hawaiʻi are not reading and writing at the level considered literate. Increasing literacy rates (for parents and children) improves educational outcomes and ultimately improves economic outcomes for families, all of which contribute to a healthier, more vibrant Hawaiʻi.

Words Matter LENA aims to help parents and caregivers increase both the number and quality of words their children are exposed to throughout the day. This will be accomplished by combining the uses of early literacy toolkits, peer-to-peer support programs, and technology such as the use of a word counter, a device which registers the number of words spoken and conversation turns (the back and forth dialogue between caregiver and child).

We proudly share this video featuring Words Matter LENA, a powerful impact project co-founded by Kerrie Urosevich, Cohort III, with the help of Suzanne Skjold, Cohort II, Sulma Gandhi, Cohort III, and community partners. Watch and learn how this innovative program increases early childhood language development and attachment.

Read more about Words Matter/LENA in the following July 2021 update:

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