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Fellows Spotlight
'Illumination Hawai‘i': A Project Footprint Story
May 31, 2022
Trailer for Illumination Hawai‘i: A Project Footprint Story
Contributed by: AJ Halagao, Cohort II

So this is a first – a learning excursion of sorts. And well beyond my comfort zone. I helped write, direct and produce a documentary film, Illumination Hawai‘i.

This 1-hour piece, focused on energy and climate, premiered on Earth Day 2022, and was later aired on TV on six different evenings. The film showcases the diverse efforts and the innovative solutions charting the way here in Hawai‘i, and how Hawai‘i is leading the way.

What was especially gratifying for me is that this project involved sharing accomplishments, stories, and messages from many Fellows, including Colton Ching (Cohort I); Maxine Burkett (Cohort II); Brian Kealoha and John Leong (Cohort III); Josh Stanbro (Cohort IV); Mālia Ka‘aihue, Micah Kāne, Shelee Kimura, and Nicole Velasco (Cohort V); Stuart Coleman, Aki Marceau, and Jeff Mikulina (Cohort VI); and Ann Teranishi (Cohort VII). And if we had a second hour, we would have involved twice as many Fellows. 

Dedicated to the memory of Pono Shim, the film is hosted by Kathy Muneno, narrated by Nainoa Thompson, and features former President Barack Obama. 

This is not my story. This is Hawai‘i’s story. You can watch the 1-hour film in its entirety at the links below.