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Join Kupu's Conservation Leadership Development Program
November 10, 2022

Fellows mentioned in this story: Kawika Riley, Cohort III

From KITV4:

Kupu’s Conservation Leadership Development Program (CLDP) offers one-of-a-kind experiences in the conservation field. They are currently seeking participants and host sites for their upcoming winter programs.

Kawika Riley (VP of External Affairs, Kupu) shared, “This program is a paid entry point into a career in conservation, made possible through an experience in community-based national service here in the islands. It’s a great alternative for somebody who’s interested in a career in caring for the environment but wants a better option than an unpaid internship...” In addition to gaining experience and connections, at the end of the program, participants will be “eligible for a higher education award that they can use to go to college or to pay off existing student loan debt.”

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