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A UH Incubator Aims to Take Ideas to Market
November 7, 2022

Fellows mentioned in this story: George Yarbrough, Cohort VI

From Hawai‘i Business Magazine:

HITIDE stands for Hawai‘i Technology Innovation Development Ecosystem. The Office of Innovation and Commercialization launched it this year to give faculty, staff and students insights into how to commercialize and spread their innovation and research.

Programs run by most accelerators and incubators last a few months to a year, says George Yarbrough, OIC’s director of innovation and entrepreneurship programs.

But HITIDE focuses on long-term growth versus short-term investment, and its cohorts provide customized education, guidance and support over a period of 12 to 24 months.

“We think that every researcher or academic entrepreneur coming in our program is going to have different needs, so you can’t just blanket them with a curriculum,” says Yarbrough.

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