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Taking on Tomorrow
Taking on Tomorrow: March & April 2022
April 7, 2022

“Without forgiveness, there is no future, only the past. We must give up all hope of having a better past.” – Fred Luskin

In this issue of Taking on Tomorrow, we begin on the idea of commencement—or starting out together—we celebrate Cohort VII: the embracing of hope and letting go of what was. The feeling at the event was one of joy, release, and deep laughter. We were just happy to be present, share a common space, and find ourselves with each other. We are grateful to all who participated and supported Cohort VII as they are welcomed into the Forum of Fellows.

Then, we move forward to explore the work of Fellows who care for our beloved planet. Their efforts are examples of stewardship and responsibility for the ʻāina, and serve as important reminders that it is never too late to start making much needed changes. We can only hope that Mother Earth will forgive us for not always tending to her as we should and be kind to us as we try to take better care of her.

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