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The Hawai‘i Business Podcast: Hawaiian Culture and Connection to Community Guide Kūha‘o Zane’s Impact at Sig Zane Designs
November 10, 2022

Fellows mentioned in this story: Kūha‘o Zane, Cohort VII

From Hawai‘i Business Magazine:

Hilo designer Kūha‘o Zane has spent the last 20 years growing his father’s Hilo-based aloha wear business. Today, he’s the brand’s chief operating officer and creative director – and he’ll soon be the company’s new CEO.

His worldview is shaped by his 30-year hula practice. In this episode, Zane shares his thoughts on how Hawai‘i can adopt a regenerative tourism model, why it’s important for local businesses to learn from and invest in Hawaiian culture, and how Sig Zane Designs selects its corporate partners.

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