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Photo of Mark Noguchi and Claire Sullivan
The Omidyar Fellows program is an intensive, galvanizing, and fulfilling program. You will be surrounded by community coming from all sectors of life, all with the desire to be an agent of change. I feel fortunate to have an ‘ohana unit that holds me with accountability and aloha.
Mark Noguchi, Cohort VII (pictured left)
Photo of Beth Whitehead, Jennifer Walker, and Billy Pieper
The Omidyar Fellows program was the oxygen mask I didn’t even realize I needed. The cohort-based curriculum provides a safe space and dedicated time to reflect on how you lead and how you want to lead. It also gives you the opportunity to build relationships and collaborate to create lasting impact in the community.
Beth Whitehead, Cohort IV (pictured left)
Photo of Bob Lietzke, Sulma Gandhi, and Ben Ancheta
The Omidyar Fellows program was a holistic, exceptional experience that exponentially escalated impact in my many roles as a community member, executive, colleague, partner, and parent. As a neighbor islander, my network expanded and I no longer felt as lonely in the journey towards a more just community due to the close and curated cohort—and the Forum of Fellows. I deeply appreciate the trusting relationships that support us to authentically serve with integrity while oftentimes holding different priorities.
Sulma Gandhi, Cohort III (pictured center)
Photo of Mālia Ka‘aihue, Keoni Lee, and Donalyn Dela Cruz
The Omidyar Fellows program provided the safe space necessary to be open and vulnerable to change which helped me to realize my full potential, both in leadership and in life, and the relationships between Fellows, built on trust and respect, are invaluable assets for the betterment of Hawaiʻi.
Keoni Lee, Cohort V (pictured center)
Photo of Chris Sakuda and Jan Harada
The Omidyar Fellows program gave me confidence, helped me find my voice, and started me on the path of honing those all-to-rare soft, higher skills that are essential to game-changing.
Jan Harada, Cohort II (pictured right)
Photo of Stuart Coleman, Kapā Oliveira, and Gabe Amey
Participating in the Omidyar Fellows program was a transformative experience, cultivating a profound sense of kuleana and collaboration among Hawai‘i’s leaders. The program's innovative curriculum and the diverse network of Fellows have been instrumental in amplifying my impact and reinforced my dedication to fostering positive change in Hawai‘i.
Gabe Amey, Cohort VI (pictured right)
Photo of Stephanie Shipton, Noelani Kalipi, and Mahina Paishon
The Omidyar Fellows program has had a tremendous impact on me. The program challenged me and I was able to immediately apply and share what I learned. The biggest benefit has been the relationships established with Fellows which has resulted in a number of projects and endeavors that we have been able to do jointly, leveraging our networks and resources to empower our communities.
Noelani Kalipi, Cohort I (pictured center)
Photo of Marisa Hayase and Wren Wescoatt
The Omidyar Fellows experience provided both a mirror to see the person I am, and an open doorway to the person I could become.
Wren Wescoatt, Cohort VIII (pictured right)